General Repairs

Six Pack Automotive, LLC

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General Auto Repair for the White City and Central Point Area

Get all your general repairs on all types of vehicles, including cars, pickups, SUVs, 4x4s, vans and performance at Six Pack Automotive, LLC.


Your vehicles recommended maintenance will help it last. At Six Pack Automotive, LLC, you will get superior service and parts to help you get the most out of your car, truck, SUV or classic. To ensure you get the best service, call the expert at Six Pack Automotive, LLC today!

Brake Service

Your brakes are a very important safety feature of your vehicle. When you hear squealing, your car pulls or you feel something else while applying your brakes, visit Dominic at Six Pack Automotive, LLC quickly. Your family’s and yourself’s protection is at stake.

Check Engine Light

Is your car not running right or is your Check Engine Light on? Getting your car diagnosed is your first step to understanding what is wrong. Bring your vehicle to Six Pack Automotive, LLC for an auto diagnostic test for whatever is not running correctly today!


Hot weather in the Rogue Valley is unbearable without an air conditioner that is working properly. If your car is in need of service, don’t get stuck out in the heat. Schedule an air conditioning inspection and be ready for those 100 decrease days that are coming.