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Get expert auto power train service at Six Pack Automotive, LLC.


Six Pack Automotive, LLC utilizes state-of-the-art tools, parts, and the proven service techniques to ensure your vehicle’s suspension performs beyond your expectations. If your vehicle is handling weird it could be your suspension. There is a whole bunch more to your suspension than shock absorbers.

Suspension Components

Shock Absorbers
Ball Joints
Stabilizer Bar
Lateral Control Rod
Upper and Lower Arms
Strut bar
Knuckle Arm


Six Pack Automotive, LLC specializes in chassis modifications and building complete custom frame design and fabrication for street rods, muscle cars, and competition vehicles. Your car’s frame will be straight and correct, Six Pack Automotive, LLC is the trusted chassis fabricator in Southern Oregon.

Dominic’s Credentials

Dominic was awarded twice Nationally in Skills USA  for Collision Repair and Automotive, which represented all of Oregon, and continues to this day to inspire future vocational skills with up and coming mechanics.